Josh's top hat

Josh loves his shades – and so will you!

Mr. J.M.Myers (Josh) wants to start his own business.  He loves to use his clothing and accessories to express his mood and show others how he sees himself. He knows he’s a rock star.

He wants to be his own boss!

Like most of us, Josh wants to work but needs something that he’s passionate about that fits his skill set.  An online business (with the right support) enables him to create on his own time while gaining a sense of pride about being a businessman.

Josh creating

Supporting his vision

In preparing for this job, Josh has come up with a few great ideas for items to sell.

Josh's designs

Each pair of glasses represents a musician, song, or holiday for him. We’re keeping sketches that show how he links the material to the magical.

Providing support

Josh has a hard time with money. That’s why Rock Star Shades is a partnership. He’ll provide the creative genius, and his partner (Mom) will be tasked with the behind the scenes work.